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ZEEKtheFREAK is a musical project created and built around Dundonian musician and entertainer Zeek La Musique. The music is considered alternative and experimental rock, with theatrical tendencies and philosophical lyrics. Formed in 1996, the musical project is well-known in the Alkmaar area of the Netherlands. ZEEKtheFREAK has released three albums and several singles, all available for download online and from the shop on this website.

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June 2022                  Recording of the acoustic album has started


Recording of the ZEEKtheFREAK acoustic album 'The Drowning Man' has finally started. As yet, two tracks are a certainty to be included on the E.P. The tracks are 'Sanctuary' and 'After the rain.' There will be more tracks included, as Zeek is hoping to have at least six tracks on the album                more news to follow...

May 2022                            New albums from ZEEKtheFREAK 


Within the year, ZEEKtheFREAK is to release two new albums.

The first is a back-to-basic acoustic album/EP called 'THE DROWNING MAN' this album will be released in October, and after that, ZEEK will begin working on a new alternative / experimental album he has been planning to do for years. But before all that, he will release a new single called 'SANCTUARY'                  more news to follow...

December 2021                25 years of 'FREAK' mayhem 


In 1996 the ZEEKtheFREAK project was started. It has had high points and low points. Also, many personal changes and only Bas 'the Rebel Jesus' has been alongside me since day one. What do the next 25 years hold in store for the project? A different musical direction, different musicians, whatever happens, I guarantee you, it is gonna be a blast

September 2021                                      singles released in the U.S.


Zeek has released five singles in the U. S of A. They are Drowning in the demon drink, The RainLost in your eyesXmas for the Alkies and Blow a Fuse. The release of the tracks is just to warm the Americans up for the next album, D.I.D. So things are finally starting to take off...not bad after 40 odd years of trying.

March 2020               Drowning track re-released as single

The Drowning in the demon drink track from the Idiots Seeking Sanctuary at the Armageddon album has been re-released but is now officially as a single and will be available from Saturday the 21st of March 2020. The track, originally recorded in 2004, has been re-released as a farewell to the era ZEEKtheFREAK wanted to bring to a close after the Spaced out on Planet Bizarre album.

Zeek is planning to go back to the roots of the project, and the next album will be a concept album and is uncertain if this will be performed Live on stage. This will be the first album he will collaborate with other musicians writing the music, especially Stephan 'Stuffie' Stoop, who produced and arranged the Rain track from the last album.

Drowning in the demon drink is a philosophical track about Zeek's time on the thin line between being a sociable drinker and an alcoholic.


February 2020                                  E.P. of old tracks released.


Four Tracks from yesteryear have been released as an EP, single and available for download from


The four tracks are:

1. More trouble than you're worth

2. Coolboy (and his inconsiderate parents)

3. Lovely Day

4. Let's go seal clubbing

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The Word According to the Philosophy

of the Happy Psycho Tour 1998

January 2020                   The new album is to be called 'D.I.D.'


The new album has a name. It is being called D.I.D. (Dissociative identity disorder). This is a perfect name, we feel, according to the cover. A massive thank you to everyone who had entered the competition. The recording of the album should begin in early 2020.

Featuring many guest musicians or not. I'm not quite sure yet.

For more information on what D.I.D. means and the illness itself...please visit this link