million light years

I'm so spaced outa my head,
I'm on a different planet,
I'm so cool, chilling here,
as long as you're not on it

I'm so far out of your space,
you won't feel my magnet,
I'm so done with the human race
and all the souls made of granite

Don't need your negativity,
So glad that I can be
A million light-years away.

I'm so high I passed through the sky
and now I've gone into orbit
I'm soul searching the milky way,
for a new mother planet

I'm so travelling the universe,
till I find my peace
I'm so sold on outer space,
As I groove to the beat

Don't need your insecurity,
so glad that I can stay
A million light-years away

A million light years

Track Info

(c) s.a.smith/zeekthefreak

Recorded at the home studios, Cabannes, France

Zeek: vocals, guitar, bass, drum simulator


Grégory Courbier: guitar solo